Song Position Pointer in Song Mode

When syncing the S2400 as a slave in song mode to a master which is sending MIDI clock (with SPP), the tempo and start/stop-commands are well recognized but not the song position. The S2400 always starts with the first bar, independently of the masters song position. This is the case with Cubase, Logic and the JLC PPS-2 and no matter if using USB or the DIN-input, so I don’t think it’s just a bug - although the manual says, that song position pointer messages are accepted by the S2400…
Since there are not many other ways to sync this lovely machine to tape or DAW, it would be great if this feature worked one day.



p.s.: Why not enabeling the S2400 to send MTC…? Or even receiving SMPTE/MTC? A dream…

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