"soft clipping" effect

anybody got more info on this “tube like soft clipping” algorithm when a sample clips and how it works? or an example of how it could be used on samples specifically for boom bap purposes. Would I just normalize a drum break above 0 db to hear this effect? are there any other useful applications?

Appreciate any info/explanation!


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In the Mixer screen, with none of the buttons activated on the left side (Level-Bank), you can hit Shift-A to activated Mixer Settings.

The Max Gain dB setting controls the range of the Mix Faders, and allows the user to boost/cut a sample’s signal up to 90.4dB. If you turn this setting up high enough, the soft clipping algorithm can be heard to varying degrees, as the fader is turned up.

Be very careful to turn the Mix Out, Headphone Out, or your outboard mixer’s inputs down, so you down blow your ears out.

One possible way to test this out would be to:

  • turn down Monitors, Headphones, etc…
  • choose a Kick sample that is Normalized close to zero
  • pull its Mix Fader all the way down
  • set the Max Gain dB to +25 (and hit Enter)
  • slowly turn up the Mix Fader

You will easily be able to hear how the sound is soft-clipped :+1:


It sounds really nice!

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Thanks man that makes sense going to try it tonight! Appreciate the thorough response :+1: