Snapshot mode

The idea is to store the parameters state of the S2400 into a snapshot, and recall it later by the push of a pad, to build tension in a live set.

8x pads = 8x snapshot slots

Then you can switch snapshot in real time to play live with your pattern.

  • Add snapshot recall as a song event, and you have a powerfull tool to add life to your tracks
  • Add the ability to morph between snapshot (sync to BPM or manual time selection), and this is banger.


So like a pattern then?


No, right now you can’t change pattern instantly, you need to wait for it to finish. Also, you may want to change parameters, but not the notes/trigger data. And with morphing, you can create automation.

Change a pattern instantly by switching to it, then pressing Shift+Run


Sorry, my explanation was not good enough :

If you do Shift + Run, the current pattern is stopped and replaced by the one you selected, but from the beginning. This is not what i would like to achieve. Using pattern as snapshot is ok, but only if you add a way to go back and forth from one pattern to another without loosing the playhead position. Seamless.

For exemple : pattern 1 (4 bars) is playing, and i want to switch to pattern 2 at bars 2. Then, pattern 2 must instant play but at bar 2, not at the begining. And if i want to go back to pattern 1 at bar 3, it must be seamless.

Also, choosing a pattern + Shift + run = 4 buttons press. Way too much.

Keep pattern as snapshot, but then add a new mode to assign a pattern to a pad. Like this, only one button is required to switch from one pattern to another one, and it could be done live.

So :

1°) Activate snapshot mode
2°) When this mode is on, Pad 1 launch Pattern 1, Pad 2 launch Pattern 2 etc…
3°) When this mode is on, switching pattern keep the relative playhead position.

I get what you’re saying but could easily be accomplished with creatively constructing patterns within a project, especially considering the same sounds would exist throughout regardless of a mode to just switch parameters. In your example, make a 2 bar (or however many) pattern of the last 2 bars of x pattern, copy and repeat with as many parameter variations as you want then shift + run stop. It also sounds like a “copy x bars to new pattern” function is coming which will make that even easier.

If we’re considering button pressies I think activating a snapshot mode would easily be more cumbersome. Shift + button to get into a menu, likely scrolling and then encoder to activate, then pads to select. Then say you want to just trigger samples you gotta do the same combo to get out. It is an interesting idea though if one key could toggle it on/off.

Not really, Shift + 4 is already a shortcut for the looper, Shift + 7 is not used yet, could activate on/off snapshot mode.

Well, i think it’s easier to change some parameters and freeze them into a state, than thinking about how many patterns/bars you need to do your cut. Snapshot is a DJ/Performance feature, must be faster as possible, you never know what you will want to do.

This is a key feature of my beloved engine Seq.,a cultish machine!