Small input quantize problem on MIDI tracks?

There seems to be a bug when the tracks/memory are high (3 banks of full 4 bar sample loops) and the MIDI tracks are in use that the input quantize seems to get wobbly. I am playing the MIDI information directly in on the keyboard (and am a professional keys player) and I am getting odd note timings, like the quantize is grabbing the note on and moving it around. When I split the MIDI to Ableton and the S2400 at the same time, it seems like the ISLA has some MIDI latency/jitter at times.
Nothing huge, and I am really pushing the device (8 tracks of simultaneous loops and a fair few MIDI tracks (6 of them, with one of them playing chords). I am just wondering if this has been described - perhaps Brad would have encountered it with his crazy demos of the MIDI functionality. Nothing a little better project organization can’t work around for the time being.
Anyone have any corroborating evidence? Thanks in advance!