Simple MIDI Question

This may have been asked before, I looked but didn’t see it in my search.

I am just trying to understand how to use the “extra” banks of midi channels. Since there is only one DIN output, I would think 16 channels is the max. Is the 2nd set of 16 channels accessed through USB or am I just missing something else obvious?

I never use USB with my S2400 so I don’t know how it shows up in a DAW or whatever.


You get two banks of 8 channels by default, E1-F1 = channel 1-9, F3-F8 = channel 11-16. F2 is left unassigned because ch10 is generally used for percussion. Page 85 of the manual.

It’s very flexible, you can assign a channel to any pad or multiple pads, and use the extra banks that way. But the max is 16 channels.

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