Shift timing in tr-mode and other ideas

First post here: love the s2400, thank you guys for creating a great machine!

I have a few ideas which would enhance the s2400 workflow to me, hope you guys would consider these:

  • I would love it if, besides reversing a slice, a slice would play in reverse if the startpoint is after the endpoint.
  • One of my fav features on the elektron machines is the ability to microshift timing of a sound by pressing a step and using the arrow keys. Could this (theoretically) work on the s2400 tr-mode as well? Pressing down one of the steps and using the arrows to shift a sound left/right in ‘fine’ timing? This would make tr-mode way more usefull for us off-beat hiphop guys…
  • Also in tr-mode, maybe you could show off-grid events by showing them as lit up but with a more faded color.
  • It would be great if there was a way to toggle between quantised and fine recording with a simple key combination like: toggling rec+play, or double pressing quantize (or does this do something else already?).



The timing nudge in the TR mode would be the final piece of the puzzle for me. You can indeed shift a step, but it then disappears from the step sequence. Leaving it on the step with an applied nudge amount would be a dream come true.