Semi Offline Effect processing

I just realized a great use for this box, and figured its worth a shot for a long term feature request.

I built a pattern in Live today. Liked it, sounded good and all, but wanted to hear it through the S2400 so I reversed my workflow and sampled each track/pattern into the S2400 in lofi mode. Then reassembled it in the S2400. So what would be sort of great would be to create an effect mode that did one or all of the following:

  1. allow an audio stream into the sampler and spit out classic audio engine-afied version.
  2. grab a file off of SD in a new special folder called ‘Convert’ that you would place all of the files you want to make lo-fi. When the right button combo is pressed(or when the machine sees files in the folder) asks if you want to convert them to lofi mode and then drops them in a folder called Processed. This would allow long files(complete tracks even) to get the S2400 treatment. You could then grab the files out vis MSC mode or put the S2400 in a special ‘streaming’ mode that would play the files from start to finish to allow you to record them into your DAW of choice.
  3. while we are talking hypothetically assuming the USB interface gets off the ground allow audio to stream into the S2400 let it convert to the low bit low sample rate version and run back out over USB to be run in real(ish) time.