Samples vs MIDI Sequencing

With an external sampler like an AKAI S950, you can chop a break and copy as many slices as required and assign to different keys/keygroups for further mangling/transposing and trigger them on one midi channel with any notes on the keyboard.

This makes adding an external sampler to the S2400 desirable, because I can sequence far more notes into the sequencer via midi than I can with the internal samples, because internal samples can only be played on 8 pads at once on any given channel.

Have I got this right or is there an easy workaround that I’ve missed? The obvious one is using another bank, but the big limitation is not being able to use a keyboard in real time to trigger it, for example jungle breaks with a lot of variation of slices where 8 simply isn’t enough.

you could assign pads 1-16 (or more) to the same midi channel, and then set the sync for each pad as percussion and assign a different trigger key for each sample track, and then assign all your chops to those pads, then you should be able to play each chop with a separate key on the keyboard. Sorry if this is obvious, or not what you are looking for…

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No that’s great, thanks. It sounds like the part I’m missing. I didn’t think the host keyboard could be used to trigger the internal samples, the manual only shows USB Host keyboard settings under ‘Midi only tracks’ but I’m probably looking at it wrong, I am used to the workflow of ‘Midi input focus’ with midi tracks.

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I noticed the general loop slice and first multi slice don’t have to have the same start point, so technically, you actually get 9 slices per pad. I know it’s not a HUGE upgrade, but I’ll take the extra slice happily haha.