Sample truncate option if at all possible please

Yes, but sometimes one would like to change the starting or end points of the sample. Is there not a way to go back to the waveform display option and change these start and end points? Why is it do or die on the sample. I should be able to revisit my sample. crazy

it’s in the manual + video manual. hit loop/slice…push B. the waveform comes up. hit level to adjust and then save to rename/save that if you want. it’s all there. dig a little and you’ll be surprised what can be done.

whaaaaaaaaat is up with folks not reading the manual/watching the video where homie literally walks you through the actual functions that folks are demanding? i’m here moving with speed that i would have on my MPC-3000 or MPC Live, for that matter, and it pains me seeing folks stymie themselves, letting good ideas go to waste because they’re skipping steps that would make life a helluva lot easier.


Believe me we wonder the same thing. And I’m notorious for not RTFM. But with video manual showing how to essentially get me where I want to go enough that I can figure it out from there even with all the new features, I’m baffled.


1000% Back the basic editing features. Kind of wild it doesn’t have them to be totally honest haha. Truncate would also be especially useful for normalizing, as often the part I’m truncating is louder than the part I want to save, and I can’t fully normalize it, as it’s normalizing to the parts I want to cut off.

I have actually made some notes on a bunch of feature requests, bugs and such in my first few days of very heavy use (trying to catch up on what’s been said and implemented recently etc still too), but below are some notes I made on this. I will leave truncate off as it has been discussed, but here are some of my ideas for the basic editing functions:

-A way to highlight a selection and CUT/ COPY/ PASTE/ DELETE with options to:
-MIX-PASTE (layering the copied selection onto existing audio, from a chosen start point, with mix level option from 50% to 100% each)
-INSERT (moves audio after the selected start point forwards and inserts copied selection at selected point)
-REPLACE (replaces the audio from the selected point onwards for the duration of the copied selection that is being pasted)

-A way to copy and paste as above, from one audio file to another.

-Ability to create volume fades on the actual sample itself, so printed onto the sample, the same as normalize is (not like envelope obviously) - with a select from/ to (via highlighting) and a fade minimum/ maximum percentage, and obviously whether it’s in or out.

Octamed and protracker this kind of stuff very simply and elegantly for example imo. I hope this all make sense, as they were just my own notes I jotted down quickly.

did you see the new update?

He’s talking about being able to edit sample audio, not just patterns (which is an awesome improvement).

aaaaaaaahhhh. man, i do that on my MPC Live often with breaks. because the sampler is more powerful and precise, i’ll actually edit some sounds there and then sample them into the 2400.or i’ll use the 404 mkII for sound processing. this would be a great feature but the request also brings up something for me that i’ve been thinking on the past week or so. this latest release (which is absolutely awesome and very needed) seems to be in step with previous releases with priority being placed on solid workflow/ease of use upgrades. this is probably a better topic for a different thread, but the more time i spend with this amazing machine (and the more updates we get) the less i feel like we are going to see bell and whistle upgrades. i also feel like this is the kind of machine that doesn’t necessarily need them but i’m curious to know how others feel about that. there’s a laundry list of wants from all of us, but i’m seeing more practical upgrades being added more than anything radical. not saying that this is a radical upgrade request, either. there have been some wiiiiiiiiiiild asks in this forum hahaha!

Yeah as mentioned, I was talking about basic sample editing features. I fully back wild ideas don’t get me wrong, and I have some of those of my own too, I just think the basics should be covered before moving on to those. Otherwise it’s a bit like running before learning to walk imo.

Let’s not forget this machine IS a sampler first and foremost, and I would absolutely expect any sampler to have these kind of basic editing options, which basically every sampler since the 80s has had. So much so, I didn’t even think to specifically check for the basic editing options, I just assumed that of course it had those and skipped over that part somehow heh.

I for sure don’t want to use another device to do this kinda stuff beforehand either, especially when I’m sampling mostly vinyl direct into the machine. It doesn’t make any sense to me to sample into the machine, then drag the files to the pc or another machine, deal with the editing in a daw or whatever, then transfer it back. I’m sorry, but that is nutty and actually makes the process longer than sampling to the PC in the first place lol. Especially when that is the whole idea of this machine tbh. And I’m sure Isla don’t intend for the slogan to be “just use another machine” either :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha.

Also to add to this I have already had to do some basic editing outside of the machine of course, and it took a LOT away from workflow. For example basic stuff like being able to add a bit of silence to the start of a sample is essential and something I had to do in the last few days. And this is something that would be totally covered by simple copy/paste and fades, as you could copy/paste a bit of audio, and then fade that bit totally to zero, boom, silence at the start. Of course this could be another added feature to “insert silence” but if the basics were there, you wouldn’t even need it as it would be easy enough to do manually :slight_smile:

And yes, I totally appreciate the additions of the editing features to the step sequencer, something which again I actually thought was there as it’s very basic stuff. Luckily for me, this update came very quickly after getting my machine :slight_smile:

Also just to clarify, I’m by no means here to berate the machine or the work going in to it. I just want to vocalise a few concerns and ideas in an effort to help push the machine further towards perfection :wink: I virtually never post on forums or anything either, so definitely take my joining here and adding my critiques as a compliment haha.

Anyhow, cheers for reading my ramblings :vulcan_salute:


Hahaha. I appreciate your ramblings! It’s actually interesting hearing other people’s approaches to working with samples and seeing what they view as essential/non-essential. I grew up on and still own an MPC-3000. Even though you can remove parts of samples and insert other parts in those fields, I never found that approach to be necessary with the way that I sampled and chopped. Plus, doing that with its decimal system editor could be tedious….though the times I did use it proved interesting.

One thing I started doing shortly after I started making music back in 03 and STILL do, though, is utilize a sampler early in my chain. I also sample only from vinyl (all my drums/percussion come from records too) and run things into my 404 or Live, depending on what I’m doing, and kind of use them as effects processors prior to them hitting the 2400. The 2400 is essentially the end point….much like the 3000, Maschine or Ableton have been in the past. I never really wanna just run the sounds into one unit, as there really has never been an all in one box for me. I like incorporating all of their strengths, though, and change up the signal flow/set up according to the idea.

I’d love to see a little more intuitive resampling that’s on par with other samplers, where we can trigger multiple pads while resampling. Layering (via one pad triggering another) would be a serious plus. And being able to navigate bar to bar in pattern mode seems essential.

I’m certain there are some amazing updates on the way and hope all your observations get addressed. This is a helluva machine!

You post has some valid feature requests. Just want to point out that you can do this already:

  • set in and out point for truncation in waveform editor
  • hit Save to save slice (only the data between the i/o points will be saved)
  • assign it back to the pad its already on
  • hit Level to normalize
  • hit Save again to save the normalize

+1 for basic editing tools. Also being able to truncate and assign a sample to a pad without saving to SD would be great.

All my old samplers allow for sample truncation in RAM without commiting a sample to disc. I will often sample something to see how it fits with the song I’m making when chopped or pitched. Sometimes it works and I keep it and sometimes it doesn’t make the cut. I don’t like commiting something to memory until I know it’s staying with the project. Being able to truncate and store samples in RAM would be terrific.