Audio editing features on S2400

I just received my S2400, the build is amazing, but where is the audio editing functions such as : truncate fade in fade out, reverse, gain, attenuate and all of the other audio editing features. Are we only to use the slice / loop and then envelopes to edit a sample?
sometimes I like to commit to the changes I make. I don’t see it anywhere.
Another issue Im having is slicing audio longer than 2 MB, when your in the waveform veiw each slice takes time to load, it makes slicing frustrating, this was not happening in any videos from beta testers (Ski Beat) or the official Isla videos, I’m confused.

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Hey @massfactormedia Some of the features you are looking for arent in the firmware, and most of that has been in a feature request. Im talking specifically of reverse and fade in/out. The other editing features are there: Gain/Attenuate can be achieved by pressing the level button while in the audio edit page. This allows you to raise or lower the gain by a whole number or tenth(shift plus knob) of a db.

If you want to commit the change select the range you want and hit the Save button at which point you could save(truncate) a new file and assign it to a pad(or not). I also put in a feature request for a function 19 style truncate from the original unit. Even if they decide against doing so, the method I described above works great. For fade in and out, you could also use the AHDHSR envelopes which will create any sort of fade you could hope for.

Edit: the 2MB limit is due to how the ram is split between all 32 tracks. I want to say there was a discussion about dynamic ram assignment per channel that would allow some or all of the ram to be assigned on a usage requirement. I personally would want it to work this way if I were in charge. I would even go for a 4x16mb scheme that would mirror the 4x 2.5 seconds of the original unit. However, Brad is in charge and not me, but he has done a damn good job of thinking these things through so… :slight_smile:


The unnecessary reload of the sample when switching between slices of a >2GB sample is fixed in beta and will be in the next release. The list of bugs fixed in beta is on the firmware updates thread.

Attenuate is in the current release (level and mix fader modes), as is normalize (in the waveform editor).
In the next release are Gain (above 0dB) in mix mode, Reverse, more ways to modify recorded patterns, and more.


Man I cannot wait for this update!


What are peeps doing if there is no fade in fade out? I’d be interested to hear

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Ah of course. :+1:

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yes sir!!!

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