Sample Layering

Has sample layering been implemented yet?


This would be a useful update if you can select multable samples when importing sample. Or like the choke groups but its a link that would be easy.

Nope. Right now we are just triggering the events at the same time in a pattern and boucing the pattern to a sample.


Would a simple and easy way to implement sample layering, be laying sample pads in a bank.

There are four banks, so a user could have one bank of 8 samples, each sample has four layers, or a combination., 2 layers, and 2 banks of single samples, or 3 layers, and a looper track, or 2 layers, 1 single, and one looper.

For instance. Maybe a quick key command. Shift plus bank. Would lock the banks together. By pressing multiple bank buttons, it would lock one to several banks together.

This would allow each layer to have its own filter, envelopes and LFO. An FUCK, even effects maybe when that card is done?

As far as coding, it’s just code the Shift + Bank buttons links these pads together. Obviously it’s more complicated than that. But less complicated than coding layers for each pad and blah blah blah.

Some looping algorithms like the EPS and ASR-10 would be the fucking wip. :rofl:

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