S2400 + Studio One V5

Getting ready to use S2400 with Studio One V5 :+1:


I’m new to Studio One (and loving it), can you help with (point me out to) the procedure to include actual device images like that ?

@teqnotic are you using windows or mac? I cant assign a picture to my 2400.

I’m on a PC, but it doesn’t matter. You need to modify the device script and include a S2400 .PNG image (96X96) in order to show the image

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Interesting, and how do you access the script ?

On a PC , you can unzip then copy the folder into the following location:
C:\Users"Your User Name"\AppData\Roaming\PreSonus\Studio One 5\User Devices

I’m not sure where the “User Devices” folder is located on a MAC

Then open Studio One and edit the S2400 device to select the correct MIDI connection you have
Let me know if this works for you


Thanks @teqnotic

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Thanks a lot, just found the directory for preset devices on a Mac :

Right click the Studio One app > display package content > devices

That file doesn’t include user created devices it seems but does make the S2400 selectable once your files are copied there. A little disappointing however that Studio One still only displays generic thumbnails either way for all external devices in the Browse window.


There’s probably another folder located elsewhere, but that directory will work as well. I’m sure PreSonus will eventually add the ability to add an image to the user devices

Sure, they’re probably somewhat testing the waters by starting with the onboard devices. Even selectable thumbnails per type of instruments à la Logic would be nice, still it’s certainly not a dealbreaker to enjoy the overall experience as is in the meantime.

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Exactly. I’m a big fan of Studio One. It’s made my workflow so much better. Now I have the S2400 to make programming beats fun again :slight_smile:

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