S2400 in Aggregate Audio Device with 44k devices

Has anyone set up their s2400 in an aggregate audio device on a Mac using USB audio, with other devices that run at 44.1k only? In particular, Roland Boutiques such as TR-08 TR-09 etc.

My master clock is a MOTU interface. I have it set to 44.1k and have drift connection enabled on all my other usb audio devices, which are also 44.1k. The S2400 runs at 48k. Because there are more channels in the Roland Boutiques than S2400 my thought were to do rate conversion on the S2400, not the Boutiques.

Presumably everything gets resampled in the aggregate audio device and just works. Is anyone using a setup like this? How’s it working? Any lessons learned?

I think you need to run everything at the same sample rate, so unless there is a 3rd party app that allows multi sample rate aggregates you cant run a mix of 44.1 and 48(or 96) khz devices.

Aggregate audio device indeed resamples, however, it looks like I was wrong about the Roland gear sample rate - it’s all 24 bit/96k! I have been downconverting all along. I never thought too hard about what sample rate I worked at before, or how I convert, but it sounds like I need to. My ultimate target file is 44.1 k/16 bit.

From https://rolandcorp.com.au/blog/how-to-integrate-multiple-devices-on-your-mac

Choose which device is the Clock Source and what Sample Rate it will run at. In older operating systems, they all need to be the same sample rate and as Roland AIRA gear is all 24bit/96k, you will need to ensure that any other interfaces are set to 96k. However, if you have Yosemite or later then you have the option of combining devices with different sample rates and your computer will resample them on the fly.

Tick the Drift Correction box, located in the far right column, on any devices that are not at the master sample rate. *Be aware that if you are combining a lot of different devices with different sample rates, it can be quite CPU intensive. (**)

(**) Why I’m asking what other people’s experience is.

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