Logic Pro x - Sync - Workflow

Hi Everyone,

Recently received my S2400 been watching the online video tutorials, was wondering if enyone is using the sampler with logic pro x and how can this be set up,

Ive got it conected to my mac pro over USB with the outputs running through a beringher AD8200 on channel 4&5 (This is linked to my appollo 8 soundcard).

Ive set the clock to snc `USB B" on the sp2400 - when i hit play in logic it starts the sampler but the tempo sync is drifting slightly and out of sync with logic.

I’d like to program the patterns inside the S2400 and track out over USB directly into logic and work between the two,

I hope this makes scense :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

In Logic’s sync settings - where you have ticked the box that sends MIDI clock to the S2400 - choose the option that is for cycle and not for arrangement - if that makes sense. I had exactly the same issue and using the Cycle locked the clocks together.


Thanks Calum,

Ill take a look at this and give it a try, have you had any success in tracking out the S2400 tracks via USB to separate audio tracks in logic ?

No, I haven’t used the USB audio on the S2400 as I feed through an external mixer and FX and then track via another interface. Might give it a go though :slight_smile:

Hi Calum,

Ive looked at the midi sync settings / logic pro / settings /midi /midi sync project settings i have,

Destination - All
Clock - Ticked
MMC - Ticked

The bbm counter on the S2400 drifts all over ?

Any ideas, Thanks!

I don’t use MMC so have these disabled to send from Logic and un-checked on the S2400 in the Sync Settings. I only transmit MIDI clock and use the settings as per the screen grab. The only downside of this way is that you have to start Logic’s playhead exactly on a bar - so I tend to drag the loop brace for that and move it around the arrangement snapping to whole bar numbers. You will see the S2400’s bpm counter change values in small increments all the time, but that’s because it’s noting the not so tight clock coming from the Mac. Do you hear the timing drift or is it just the BPM value that you’re noticing? Ears are always the best test. Using both metronomes and tweaking the clock delay in Logic is a way to get them tight if you notice lags (not jitter).
(I use both USB and DIN MIDI to send MIDI clock to the S2400 depending on other gear. The behaviour seems pretty much the same.)

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Hi Calum,

Thanks for your response and ive got it synced :slight_smile: following your settings, i’ve had to put a -13 delay(ms) to get my kick linned up with the metronome itn logic…but its a start!

Ive also managed to track out the audio on to seperate channels over USB! Todays been a good day,

Cheers Bud!

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No problem - glad you’re up and running mate. Out of curiosity I enabled MMC on the S2400 and sent it from Logic to test out. It crashed the S2400 completely. :grimacing:

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Thanks for the info mate, i wont be trying that then haha! :slight_smile: