Syncing to Logic

His guys! I am a singer-songwriter and I love making beats/patterns on my s2400. When it’s time to record vocals and other analog instruments, I record the 8 tracks from the s2400 into Logic and take it from there. But: what if I would like to go back to the pattern/song in the s2400 to add another sample, change the drumkit etc, while keeping the recordings I did in Logic? Can I sync them together and go back and forth between the two? I have a feeling this is a very basic question, in that case please have me excused. I have watched all the tutorials, but am still clueless. Anyone could take me through it step by step? Thanks!

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Yes. You need to use MIDI clock.

  • Connect USB B to your Mac.
  • Set Logic to output MIDI Clock to the S2400 (Prefs / MIDI / MIDI Sync Project).
  • Set the S2400 to sync to USB B (Sync / Clock Src)

S2400 should now synchronize to your Logic project.


Thanks for your reply. I have tried to do as you say, but I am not sure I get it correctly. I think I need a very detailed answer, like “what do I do on the s2400, what do I do in Logic”. Babystep by babystep, as if explained to a very young or very old person :slight_smile: Of course, I don’t expect anyone to spend that much time explaining this to me, but it would just be soooo great to make it work. And I just saw another person asking the same question in the forum, so at least I’m not the only one :slight_smile:

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