S2400 DAC/ADC 16-bit or 24-bit?

The S2400 was originally planned as a 24-bit 96Khz max sampling unit (hence the 24 in its name).

However at some time during development it was changed to 16-bit 48Khz max for whatever reason.

My question to Brad/Isla is therefore what are the DAC/ADC specs? 16-bit or 24-bit?

Any chance an R2R DAC was used as per the OG SP?

the 24 in 2400 has nothing to do with the ADC/DAC bit depth. the ADC/DAC is 24bit. The internal processing varies between 12/16 bit for the “classic” mode and 32 bit for the “HiFi” mode. the DAC is not R2R and you wouldn’t hear the difference anyway…


Interesting. Well the 12 in SP-12(00) had to do with it being 12-bit so it seemed obvious that the S2400 which initially was named SP-2400 and was planned as a 24-bit sampler took its name from there. I mean why else would it be called that?

FWIW I think the S2400 sounds amazing and I’m a vintage sampler enthusiast. Anything else you care to share about the converters, summing, signal path?

As for the R2R not making a difference, I guess so on a 24-bit DAC. Much more so though on the OG 12-bit DAC I reckon…

Really? I’m sure in the manual it says that even in HiFi mode, everything plays back at 16 bit.

Because S(P) 120,000 doesn’t quite roll off the tongue?

internal processing uses 32 bits

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2400 = 2x 1200 :wink: