S2400 | AKAI S950 | Round Robin Beats

Thanks Brad and team for Round Robin mode, it’s a game changer! :love_you_gesture:t3:


:100: :boom: :dizzy:

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jeesh… :fire:

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I havent much time to dig into the last update, will definitely look into RR more because this is beyond spectacular :raised_hands:

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:heart: Really appreciate your support

There’s a drop at 5:55 with the Amen break in Round Robin mode. I couldn’t imagine programming those drums without it, really is a killer feature :100:


sounds killer!

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Just out of curiosity, what RR mode did you use?

hey hey

These were midi banks triggering the S950 - I used ping pong on the Amen track and duplicated it, muting everything but the kick to get that S950 phaser effect. I couldn’t use random or shuffle for this because the kicks wouldn’t trigger in sync.

On the Think/Sesame breaks I set them to random and shuffle, put them on the same output/choke group on the Akai and let them do their thing.

I find drums sound more interesting in RR mode by duplicating the same sample across multiple slices, rather than slicing a break 8 ways. Make your own rules on this, use multi-mode sync to pitch things slightly differently on other pads.


Oh my god, those pitched snares are so juicy

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