Midi effects

Been thinking about how the 2400 could be expressive as an instrument, and then BOOM.

Brad drops round robin on us, so i make new request.

Gotta keep them busy because lord help us they decide to use this power for evil. Idle hands and all.

Midi effects y’all.

It could be added to note repeat menus to quickly list and activate any number of midi effects like:

  • Flam
  • delay ay ay ay
  • L&R alternating hits (literally volume +/- a static amount to provide movement
  • fading or swelling rolls
  • robotic/nuclear. whatever the hell Korg calls it. Look it up.
  • ghost notes or muted notes.

It would be useful, fun, and have use beyond drum programming. Plus, it’s MIDI manipulation so possibly not terribly memory intensive?

Anyways thanks for round robin again.