Round Robin . What am i doing wrong

When i put a sample loop in multimode like Amen Break(as per video). When i cycle through the robins it plays back the break as normal no change? When i record the break as a pattern and then play back robin and set it to playback with multi selected it still plays back as normal? If i set it to main it plays back just the first slice when in multimode or just the whole break as normal in multimode. So i can get it to work only if i play the pads in individually but then im losing the break and whole timing of the loop…

HmmIn other words i cant get it to work as in the video Brad uploaded on youtube.

Any help?
Do i have to save the multimode selection slices first?

I think i may have figured it out. All 8 pads had the same Amen Break sample loaded to them Then a different slice was selected ro each pad. Doing this i can now copy what was happening that is scrolling through the Round Robin types you get unique ones with no gaps. Cool idea.

Another thought was it was done with the step sequencer rather than played in live. That way your getting no gaps. :slight_smile:

You can get no gaps if you adjust the sample end point to continue until the end. Just have different start points, eg. kick, snare, fill etc

I’ll have a 4 bar loop of the break so that I can reverse or pitch certain parts and include those in the RR pattern.

It’s such a great feature. Just thinking about it - it would be awesome if toggling RR on / off could be sequenced as a pattern event - not even looked to see if it’s possible but that would allow some nice variation without going too wild - like the last bar of a 4 bar loop.


Thanks. Yes i was moving the end point to the end of the slice… :slight_smile: