Round Robin as a Song Event

I love Round Robin mode, but I think it could be even better if there was a way to tame it by toggling it on and off from a song event.

This could be useful for automating some variation into a song without the need to create an extra track and a choke group.

For example, pattern 1 with a break on A1 could repeat 3 bars with RR off, then 1 bar with RR on. Or you could create a 3 bar pattern and a 1 bar pattern, toggling RR before the 1 bar pattern.

It would be super quick to lay down a 16 bar drum pattern with variation by building a song with drums, then copying song to pattern, before adding other elements.

To achieve that now, you’d need to duplicate a track with RR enabled and a choke group to deal with the tail end of any breaks.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that this could also be achieved by using Round Robin in ‘Main’ mode, writing a drum pattern for the first three bars with multi slices, and using the main pad for the last bar to trigger RR.

Probably all good then :joy:


Hey @project95 could you show an example of this? I like playing around with RR and I’m trying to wrap my head around using it in a song, but am getting stumped on how to make it a song event

  1. Set up a 4 bar pattern and program the first 3 bars in multi-slice mode
  2. Program the final bar from the main pad
  3. Set RR to be triggered by main pad.

Your last bar will play the slices on those steps as per RR settings each time the pattern plays through, which could be random, pingpong, reverse, forward etc. It’s an easy way to add variation without going too crazy.

I think that adding a song event to determine the RR mode would be a nice enhancement, because as it stands that would need a whole new track.

I’ll record an example later