Round Robin as a Song Event

I love Round Robin mode, but I think it could be even better if there was a way to tame it by toggling it on and off from a song event.

This could be useful for automating some variation into a song without the need to create an extra track and a choke group.

For example, pattern 1 with a break on A1 could repeat 3 bars with RR off, then 1 bar with RR on. Or you could create a 3 bar pattern and a 1 bar pattern, toggling RR before the 1 bar pattern.

It would be super quick to lay down a 16 bar drum pattern with variation by building a song with drums, then copying song to pattern, before adding other elements.

To achieve that now, you’d need to duplicate a track with RR enabled and a choke group to deal with the tail end of any breaks.

EDIT: It just occurred to me that this could also be achieved by using Round Robin in ‘Main’ mode, writing a drum pattern for the first three bars with multi slices, and using the main pad for the last bar to trigger RR.

Probably all good then :joy: