Resampled sound glitch (like very fast repeat) [IN PROGRESS]

I’ve experienced a couple of bugs with the resample. Most of the time it works exactly as expected (I resample EVERYTHING and it’s fantastic, one of the best features of the machine) but every now and then it just doesn’t work and I have no idea why.

The latest one is that the resample seems to be creating a super fast repeated version of the sound. I’ve resampled an 808 rimshot sound that I had saved on the SD and it sounds fine when the actual resample is taking place but then plays back as a repeat for some reason.

I’ve attached a video.

UPDATE: I went into the loop/slice settings and it seems loop got turned on for the pad. It was a completely blank pad before so I don’t think it should have been on automatically.


Is it something you imported from your computer first before resamplIng?

Upon certain conditions, there is an automatic function that turns loop and gate on.

It may be caused by that or there may be a bug because of that.

I guess it could be that, would be weird to have loop points in a rimshot sample haha. None of the other samples from same pack have it, so far. Any idea how i would view these saved cue points, to check the file?

No idea sorry. By the way, what happens when you assign the original sample without resampling? No problem?

No problem, works as intended. Only happens when using the resample.

I see. Let’s wait until someone close to Isla comes here to confirm the bug or not. :slight_smile:

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This happened to me again. Its fairly frequent for me relative to the amount of times im using resample. Nobody else is experiencing this?

Never happened to me personally but this could be due to many factors including different workflows. I usually resample under pad options menu (shift+pad). It doesn’t mean that the issue does not exist if you are (currently) the only person experiencing it! I am sure it will help everyone in the end :slight_smile:

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