Recommend some decent leads

After some 1/4 leads to connect up the multi outs to the audio interface

Bit of a minefield on Amazon UK

Can someone please recommend some decent ones?!? Unsure about balanced/unbalanced etc etc

Decent I don’t know but I use a Hosa snake which is very handy. Cables are gathered in a sheath and colors are different.

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Thanks man…will go for that!

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It was suggested to me by @av500 “for optimal noise performance use TRS cables…”
So balanced ends are your best bet.

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now we’re talking! I’m into this stuff ha. Go for Mogami and be done with it. You don’t need trs unless you’re going from balanced to balanced. I’ve been reading on this stuff for a while til I’m kind of numb and staring off ha it gets all too much. proaudiola is great place to get, honest recommendation no sponsor plug, can choose your cable type, interconnects, and length, customize a color sheath on end if you want, and they are helpful and best fair prices. Mogami quad cable is more protected over lengths but you’d be fine with anything. Cheers and wishing best on your journey!

I use this snake as well - only thing to keep in mind if you want to use the main outs as well you gotta have them unplugged. I managed to work it so they are sort of half plugged in and in place but not all the way in and it works fine so far.


I use an analog desk and record into a DAT or a 16 track SSD system. I use these cables in my patchbay. high quality.

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Welcome! And that seems to be a great value for that, great to know you’ve had good experiences with it cheers