Randomly going between mix outs and headphones. Blank resamples

This is a very inconsistent issue, I’ve had a normal past few days sampling and resampling etc. Just now it’s decided to get screwy again and switch between sending audio out of headphones or mix outs at random. And when this happens during resampling, it results in an audio file of the correct length, but it’s just silence.

USB monitoring is also affected, with the machine randomly choosing to output to headphones or mix outs, changing its mind when going into and out of sample mode. Sometimes USB monitoring stops passing audio entirely, I’m currently getting nothing out of headphones or mix outs. Playing audio on my computer and going back and forth from sample mode a few times gave me no audio when monitoring in base mode and only headphones in sample mode, then the final time it gave me mix outs in sample mode as well as monitoring when back in base mode, as it should.

I have not changed any settings at all throughout all these issues, the machine just seemingly spins a roulette wheel for this stuff.

I’m not sure what you mean by make a post in the form of a report, I thought that’s what this was.