Random sample playback during sleep mode [IN PROGRESS]

As the title reads - occasional (rare, but present occasionally) sample playback noted during sleep mode. Unit does not exit sleep mode/wake up when this happens.

My wife thinks the unit is haunted; have hauntings been reported to date?


Oddly enough, this has been reported by one other person: @bradholland
I cannot explain this behavior. I am inclined to agree with your wife’s theory.

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I’ve had it happen too!

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Ghost in the machine…

It’s a prank when you set it to ”rainbow" :smiley: Joking aside, I haven’t noticed it here.

Thanks for the replies/acknowledgement.

best bug everrrrrrrr :slight_smile: leave it alone hehe


I too have had a number of times when a sound is triggered as the unit enters sleep mode, I believe the last pad pressed plays. It doesnt trigger again after that, it just seems to be triggered by going into sleep mode. Just makes me jump sometimes haha. Would it be helpful if I tried to video this happening? (The unit not me jumping!)

Thanks, but I don’t think a video will give me any more info than your description.

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I see this was marked as solved? Will the hauntings cease in the next firmware update?

It was marked in error. I’ve updated it.

yup, happens to me too from time to time

As long as the machine doesn’t start going all ‘house of leaves’ on me its all good.

It happened to me a couple of times I thought I was trippin

It might be an easter egg to scarry people at night. :ghost:

Me too

Just happened to me with latest os.

Ghost in The Shellnanigans!