Questions about controlling SP2400 with hardware midi sequencer?

Hi everyone hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.
Given the new midi features that Have just been introduced in the latest firmware I have some questions about controlling the SP2400 with my Social Entropy engine hardware midi sequencer.
Firstly can I control different drum sounds with different notes on one midi channel or do I have to use different midi channels of my sequencer for different drum notes?
Secondly will a single channel of my midi sequencer be able to chromatically play a single pad in multi mode?
Thirdly can I set up the SP 2400 to send a sink message to my hardware sequence are so when I press record on the SP 2400 my hardware sequencer starts playing? Thank you very much everyone for your continued help and support it is much appreciated. Your help with these questions would be most welcome thank you very much stay blessed and keep rocking those sick beats :slight_smile:

Yes, yes, and yes.

Hi Mickey thanks for this :slight_smile: please can you tell me more about how you would Control drum sounds from a single midi channel and play multimode sounds with a single midi channel? Thanks very much mate :slight_smile:

Well, you don’t need to be in multi mode. MIDI sends pitch information. A track is either percussion or pitched. The current manual actually explains how it works (is going to work).