Quality utilitarian/multi-use mic ala SM58

Looking to get at least 1 mic that can be versatile mic. Have an SM57. Mic game is crazy and not trying to go super heavy but would like a mic that could have use as vocal mic as well as other uses. May just wind up getting a 58 but I’m always into trying different things.

No worries if no one responds, but maybe someone will have some use of this, who knows.

Just remembered reading of some mic that emulates other mics! That may be a choice! Really cool, emulation is really taking over everything and come a long way, even mics now wow. I’ll post any choice or experience if it may be of help to anyone building up a lil setup.

Iv’e never had an interest in using mics until recently.

The Ski Beats vids are cool, I like the way he gets the drums feeling by adding natural elements to them.

And just recently been seeing a lot of videos on Youtube with this VERY German guy (if you watch you’ll know what I mean) does a lot of really interesting stuff with mics and cheap tape machines etc. HAINBACH is his Youtube channel. Really cool stuff.

Anyway, yeh the mic emulation your talking about is the Solid State VMS i think…basically looks like the UAD Apollo version of mics

Records a very clean neutral tone through their own custom mic and mic box then you can choose which mic you want to emulate in the computer.

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Yea it’s the Slate mics, exactly, very linear flat and then plugins. Gonna think this over in coming months. The bluebird mic sounded nice in a video I saw, was thinking it would be one of those crazy expensive ones, but is sub 300. The mic game is right up with glass w photography there is just crazy expense, with all mics under a grand being called ‘budget’ mics. Audio stuff is def a range of prices with stuff ha. The good thing is you really only need 1 good mic and can be had for reasonable amount.

I’ve seen the heinbach channel I watch a lot of the tubes and he has some pretty cool ideas and sounds he achieves and things for sure and I’ve found to be interesting and not annoying or offputting for sure. It’s interesting how he makes use of the test equipment and things. I don’t know how folks have room and abilities to follow these dreams but Im glad they find a way and hope to be able to myself. Not racks of test equipment gear per se ha but still it’s pretty crazy. I saw one young guy on youtube with like a dream setup and I was like how do folks do this and another guy I started watching a while back with no subs or viewers at all and I thought to myself this guy is quite talented being able to solder and build lil things and has cool DIY aesthetic and ethos and stuff and now he’s got a massive setup.

I may look into this Slate deal eventually. Also see they are doing an “xbox game pass” type of model wherein a monthly subscription gets access to all the plugins and tutorials and things. I generally haven’t warmed to say the least to the current subscription models and other things with software that one would buy, but in this netflix-ish context seems like something to check out once having married to computer and DAW etc. Regardless, the mics seem like cool concept, not really “emulation” per se, but plugins etc. There are more pricey mics that also are touting this ability.

Cheers and happy creating, def get an SM57 for some percussion etc, it’s a standard, it’s great for that, and it’s classic and affordable, does the trick for that stuff, just not made for vox and other stuff etc.

Yeh i most likely will start doing some research on mics in the upcoming weeks.

Preferably just one all rounder, definitely cant be arsed getting investing into purchasing different mics for different things, not to mention id only need for most likely 99% percussive sounds anyway.

Yeh that Hainbach guy is something else, can definitely learn a thing or two watching his stuff.

Im not familiar at all with him apart from his YT channel but if I had to guess i bet he’s involved with sound design somehow. I’m just writing this now and thinking why haven’t I checked already, I’d be definitely interested in getting some of his “sample packs” if he has any.

He’s also got me interested to dabble in it in the future, getting some dirt cheap tape cassette decks and so on…”the cheaper the better” - suits me.

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Yup, he sure does

just buy a behringer clone of the 58 or other

their dynamic mic are fine J

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Yes, sure SM58. It sounds good with nearly everything and is tough as nails. More versatile than the SM57. Get a foam pop filter for it and try it both with and without it for recording different sources.

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The 57 and 58 are the same mic except 58 has a ball grille with built in pop filter.
You could try the trick of taking out the transformer in your 57 to get a little better top end.


thx for that JC! ive seen mods of these mics before! im gonna get a beta and call it a day i think. im not in rush need converters/interface and monitors and stuff but am looking will need to get a vocal mic too. what i do is watch for deals of various things to fill in and grab what makes most sense. outlier to that is the sp808 i just got ha, but was nice one so ill see what i can do w it if it makes sense. :airplane: and can find a good unique use for it :+1:

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also i cant lie the airyness and quality of vox ive heard in higher end stuff has sold me on at least a decent step up. the blue bird and the 7b both sound great and can be had sub 300 :+1:
ima want to do some vo stuff etc and a utilitarian style that can do cabs and shizzz

Should be nice to have a pro sounding mic. Go for it.

ha thx yea i gotta be smart i trying to make smart choices. gotta get interface/converters, monitors and other things but gonna need mic. i heard my friends mic sounded amazing but is too expensive (1000+) its a ribbon mic