SAPs Optigan

I recorded some loops and sounds from my optigan. 8 discs in total. This isnt the shined up version you may have heard with the MTron Pro Optigan expansion, this is a room mic roughtly where I was sitting giving you the full crap sound quality. Well almost. It was bad. Really bad. I used RX 7 to get rid of the prodigious hum, and spectral noise filter to get rid of the egregious mechanical and amplifier hiss that my optigan produces. What you will get here that I dont think exists elsewhere is samples from some of the new discs that Peahix(Optaginally yours and has been producing- Those being Wurliscape and Fuzz Rock. Ive been an optigan fan ever since I heard Sparklehorses “Its a wonderful life” and The Eels “blinking lights and other revelations”. Owning one was always a bucket list item of mine, but sometimes things seem better on paper :rofl:


Thanks SAP for all the content sharing. Very kind of you.

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Hey! Thank you! Very cool, that sound is indeed something special and cool you got to get one and try it out, achieving a bucket list item, even if it is a unique (sounds like troublesome) piece! Thanks a lot! :four_leaf_clover:

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