Project will not open. Says ERROR (project attached)

My s2400 has worked flawlessly since i got it, i have had 0 complaints, and with the new firmware updates it just gets better. Unfortunately one of my projects seems to have been corrupted or something because when i try to open it, it just says ERROR. It was one of my favorites id made so far so it would be cool if i could access it. Dropbox - - Simplify your life

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This has happen to me before wackest feeling ever don’t stop keep knocking those beats out brother

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@Overambitious I am very sorry, but your project is not recoverable. The KIT file is fine, but the S24 file does not have the correct data in it. It actually looks like a chunk of the SD card directory.

Is there anything you could think of that I did that would specifically cause this?

Not sure at this point. We are continuing to investigate.

@Mickey @bradholland just to give you more info,
If I try to make another project, and use the sounds from that corrupt project, and save it, it does the same thing.

It seems like your SD card is corrupted.

I have this same problem that just happened today. Im TIGHT. Best beat i made since i’ve been learning and it doesnt load. I have ran into a few bugs thus far, but nothing crazy, and most that i see on the roadmap.

The card is not corrupted, i ran a scan and new format on it when i initially received it. This is a bad look. Mickey can you please investigate this further?

To add – I have 8 projects saved. #7 is the only corrupted project.

-Update. THANKFULLY i was able to re-create my project due to the simplicity of the sample. This instilled some fear in me though and being confident my music is secure.

Same here, I spent 10 hours yesterday making a track with 4 patterns. Beats made with 3 bank kits that I drew note by note in step mode using multi velocity to match something in my live set that I usually have in Ableton. After a while, I finally got it perfect, saved it, opened it a couple of times to listen in prep for a show, and this morning the file says error and doesn’t open. EEK. Turning on notifications for this one. Going forward I’m going to back it up immediately and probably keep 3 SD backups just in case this keeps happening.