Project file in order of creation?

Hi, would it be possible to be able to find my projects saved in the order of creation, from oldest to most recent? I find it easier to navigate

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Sorry, there is no clock/calendar chip in the S2400, so all of the file/folder creation dates are the same. So, we cannot sort the listings by that date.

Ok but yet on the Mpc2000xl there is no clock either but the files are in order from oldest to newest! I could not explain how but it is more practical than in alphabetical order I find! Thanks anyway Mickey!

I was wondering why all my samples had the same creation date…sometime in 2016. I was guessing that it might be Isla’s birthday?

Anyway, I suspect the MPC uses a sequential ID numbering system to order by, making the oldest stuff with the smallest ID number.

The S2400 uses sequential numbering when originally saving samples, not sure if this could be baked into the file metadata somewhere in addition to name (since I rename all my samples)

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