Probably a dumb MIDI question

Hey all–

This might be a dumb question, as said in the title, but was curious if there is a way to do this–

I would love to be able to send MIDI via USB B from Ableton to the 2400. Then, from the 2400, I would love to send those MIDI notes to the MIDI DIN output and onto a modular system. For simplicity, let’s say I have the Modular set to MIDI Channel 1 + the S2400 to MIDI Channel 2.

I know that the 2400 has great MIDI sequencing on its own, not what I’m asking. For this, I’m basically wanting to use it as a USB to MIDI converter cable.

Currently, the 2400 is receiving clock from Ableton via USB and sending that to the modular via DIN, so looking to do the same thing but with notes + CC. Thank you!

I was right, totally dumb question / user error. Working now!

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