Phono RCA input too small

Trying to plug into phone 1 And 2 white plug ok fits in but the red phono input plugs too small in size does not fit rca jack??? Do I need to return to get this fixed???also internal file have no sound??? S2400

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My unit has the same problem. The inner ring on the red phono jacks are too small for a standard rca cable and it’s clearly a manufacturing defect. Hopefully this doesn’t affect too many units. I contacted isla a couple weeks ago and they asked me to ship the unit back. I’m a fairly experienced tech and offered to fix it myself to avoid the shipping hassle. The new part just arrived today from Isla and I’ll try to fix it this week.

The RCA sockets on mine appear to be fitting perfectly based on trying a few different cables in both the white and red inputs. Hopefully, your issue is limited to a particular batch.

For the record, my order was in early August 2020 and was part of the batch that was shipped in late July of this year.

dafuq :nauseated_face:

i hadn’t even considered this, not got to plugging my 1200s in yet

Ok it’s probably been said b4 but
SL1200 X2 = S2400

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My 2 cents. My unit# is in the 800 range and both the RCA jacks (red and white) are standard and accepts regular RCA inputs. So I reckon this is an anomaly with a few units from a certain shipping batch number

keep in mind that my opinion is not that of Isla support who may or may not agree with this advice.

I suspect its just a flaw in the red plastic molding. I suspect that taking a pair of RCA cables(that you don’t care about, not anything soldered to gear) and gently easing them in and out of that channel would resolve it with some patience(and possibly some heat). I wouldn’t go jamming them in an risk breaking a solder joint. It doesn’t look like it is overly small vs the white plug. Ive run into similar issues like this before, and if you are careful and maybe just slightly adventurous you can resolve it without a trip to Isla HQ. Again, if in doubt look at my disclaimer above, and do run the idea by them with a support ticket.

got lube? :rofl:

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If it’s just the plastic, I’d just drill it (only drill shallowly, the plastic), rather than taking the thing apart and soldering new jacks (risking damaging PCB or overheating traces if you aren’t a pro solder’er).

A drill’s grooves extract debris away from hole anyways, so no need to worry about anything getting inside. Or, you can have a vacuum running while drilling if you’re worried about that.

Another option is get a spare RCA plug/cable you don’t care about, heat the middle tip with a torch or stove, then insert and melt the plastic hole.

I thought about drilling it as well. However, now that I have the replacement part I can see that there are thin conducting strips running along the inside of the plastic barrel. I’m guessing that a drill may damage those. I can certainly try to drill it and report back results. Worst case I pull out the desolder gun and swap out the component.

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This is a hardware issue that has only raised its head in the last build. We are testing for it going forward but it will need to come back for FOC repair in this instance. Please raise a support ticket over at createticket – ISLA Instruments so we can make the necessary arrangements. Thanks


Rob will the next batch(case wanker batch) be okay without this issue. Cheers.


I replaced the RCA connectors on the s2400 tonight. The problem wasn’t just the barrel. There was something mechanically buggered inside the connectors. It had to be replaced.

Preparing to desolder. It took me more time to pull the board than to swap the part. You have to be careful that you don’t lift a pad. Otherwise, pretty straightforward fix.

All done. Need to clean it up a bit.

The s2400 seems happy now.

Forgive me Brad.


Nice work…so there was something stuck in there on my s2400 The rca jack goes halfway in the other don’t fit at all…

case wankers ahahaaa :rofl:

the 2400 customer base keeps delivering - imagine a party where we all wear our badges,aaah you’re one of them

Peter - we are testing all units going forward so that none make it out of the workshop without getting fixed…


Thanks Rob.

I have the same problem. I opened a support ticket.

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Since you seem to know this stuff I wanted to ask you about a thought I had the other day.

Not saying I will try this, and I probably won’t because of warranty.

But would it be possible to modify the jacks somehow so that instead of the cable going in break the connection to the master out (instead sending the signal through the individual output) you could put a switch on the aluminium side panel or something do the breaking of the signal?

So that you could have your unit patched up on all outputs and decide if you want the 8 individual outputs to be summed to the master out or go out through the individual output with a switch for each output?

Just a wild idea that I probably never try, or maybe when there’s no warranty anyway hehe.

Could be done, just cut the trace and add some switches. A big job though
Would be easier to just pull the Jack out slightly when needed.

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