Turntable question

Guys, Sorry to add to the dumb turntable questions but I just got my unit back and I’m trying to connect my technic 1200 turntable to my unit. The cable/lines from my turntable only fits in the jacks for the phono line and does not fit in the bigger Input jacks. Can I use the phono lines to connect/plug in and sample from my Technic 1200 or do I need to find some sort of adapter or Jack that will fit the bigger Input jacks?? Sorry as I’m somewhat of a novice here. Don’t beat me up !! LOL. Thanks !!

yes you can. you don’t need any adapters. Have a look at the manual concerning the settings on the s2400 software side.

I did and I looked at the YouTube videos an still couldn’t figure it out…

In this case, list up what you did precisely and where you’re stuck.

Maybe an input monitor or a gain issue?

Remember that youtube videos have parts that are not up to date for some of them.

All I did was of course plug the red and white cables from the technic 1200 turntable to the phono jacks on side 1 and then per the video hit shift + Input Mon.

On the video it had an off & on line item in the screen for the first selection, however after I hit shift + input the first line item is analog in put and I select it. I have record playing on the turntable trying to hear it, but hearing nothing. Still trying to figure out the live monitoring part. I’m doing through my headphones and no monitors…

Thanks for help bro!! I forgot to change the input jacks to phono 1!! Duhhh….