Phono input showing up as Line3&4

Hi all,

So I’ve hooked up my phono out of my turntable to my phono 1 of the s2400 and when I input mon and also check sample the audio is coming out of Line3&4?
Additional info: There are no other inputs connected to the s2400 nor outputs coming from the turntable(Omni headache portable)

It’s not a major issue but strange nontheless since yesterday it worked normally

not got mine yet but aren’t all i/o freely assignable? did you go into the menu system and check routing?

That is expected. Line 3&4 input jacks are normalized to Phono1 input (when nothing is plugged into Line34).


interesting, thanks Mickey - all these little things i am learning before mine lands

will likely have forgotten anyway and be manual bashing at any rate