Pads unresponsive while metronome is running

Why do pads 2 & 3 not play the entire sample i assigned to them everytime they are struck? They seem to work consistently when the metronome is off. Go easy please this only the 3rd time I’ve played with this.

videos with metronome on/off s2400 pads - Google Drive

Also posted on the FB group with the same videos

That’s odd. And you’ve changed nothing in-between the videos other than turning on the metronome?

Sometimes samples cutting out unexpectedly is caused by a dodgy SD card. Not sure why the metronome would affect that but have you got another one, you could try copying over the Project and S2400.SET file and see if the problem persists.

Otherwise, upload your project and S2400.SET file from the root of the SD card and we can try and reproduce it here.

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Right, just the metronome seems to be changing the behavior. The SD card is brand new. I’ll try another card and see what happens.

i got the new OS and so far no pad issues so maybe that was all I needed to do

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