Pad release chokes subsequent sound. (Gated+Multimode)

Scenario: A long chord sample is assigned to Channel A1. Gated is switched on. The Amp envelope is set with a small amount of release so that the sample tails off naturally when the pad is released. Chanel A1 is then set with pitch + multimode is selected. The sample plays when the first pad is pressed and stops when that pad is released as expected Sample has correct amount of env release.

Bug: If one pad is pressed and then a second pad is pressed before the first pad is released, the second pad plays as expected but will stop playing as soon as the first pad is released. The release of the first pad is being applied to the sample played by the second pad.

Issue does not occur when ‘Gated’ is switched off. This occurs on all pads.

Let me know if you need any further explanation or examples.

Many thanks,

Thanks. This is fixed in the next update.