Pad led on strike

is the pad section able to light on hits,so we have a visual representation of what tracks are playing?

i cannot make it out in vids but seeing the snare roll video come up again reminded me

and are these pads velo sensitive? can’t say i have seen that mentioned anywhere


looking forward to more progress while waiting for ours to arrive


Do you happen to have a link to the snare roll vid? Thanks.

20minutes in Brad talks about this.
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by the way for anyone who hasn’t seen this answered

yes we see the pads light up when they receive a strike, sequence etc

Its best if you watch all the videos and the livestreams, they go through a lot of info.

Heard them mention more than once that the lights will highlight many things as in groups tracks individual hits etc.

And they are definitely velocity sensitive.

I think the whole reason they chose the pads over the switches is for velocity sensitive pads.

A lot better than the piezo solution of the OG haha

Yeh i get it from a nostalgic point of view people crying about the og switches, but apart from that i don’t get it

Coincidentally im sure the og sp users would quite happily tell me i dont get it too


I’ve not owned but have played with a few SP1200s. I for one am glad he went with high quality pads that give visual feedback. I was never attached to the form factor just the workflow and sound.

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