Opening kordbot?

my kordbot has taken some liquid, so i need to open it up, clean the rubber pads and clean off residue, but i cant figure out how to open the case. i removed the 4 screws from under the rubber feet, and i can unlatch one white plastic clip with a spudger, but i have no idea how to proceed. did anyone else have to open their device and succeeded? any pointers on how to do it without destroying it?

no, i dont want to send it anywhere, i just want to service it, and thus need to take it apart :slight_smile:


i managed to open it, there is some hotglue making it impossible to open the clip at the front without heating up the device. please do not make it harder to service gear like that. :slight_smile:

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I tried to open it up too. Unscrewed the 4 screws hidden under the rubber feet but still couldn’t pull it out even though the front glue already lifted. There seems to be something on the back that’s stuck. Any advice?


I’ve been able to open the unit quite easily, but it might have been thanks to the unit’s previous owner.
It does seem like there’s some kind of residue in the middle of the underside case, facing front, so you might want to begin there to pry it open.