IC7 Type, kordbot broken

Hi guys i wanted to ask which type the ic7 of the kordbot is because it got broken due to usage of an unfortunately too high voltaged ac adaptor… now, connected via usb the screen works but only the homescreen and the rotary knobs to switch between the menu but without function when pressing them down. But i’m able to order a new one from the Internet just please tell me the type. I live in Austria, so no problem for me to get one in Europe… the reboot did not work also.
Thanks in advance

I just purchased a kordbot second hand and when I turn it on I have the menu and can scroll like you but that’s it. Also the first 8 or so keys are lit. Is this the same as yours?

Yes, exactly. But in my case i know where it’s obviously coming from. A friend of mine is a hardware programmer/engineer and opened the korbot and said there is no fuse but the ic7 broke down so in order to buy a new one i need to know the type. If your problem is because of the same reason is not possible for me to tell… but the symptoms are totally the same! although it worked normal with usb before i’ve used a too high voltaged ac adaptor…unfortunately

Thanks for the quick response. good to know. I may just have to return to the seller who I trust. I think it may have been damaged in shipping. I’d prefer to get it fixed but I know the developers are very busy with the 2400. I’ll give them a couple days to respond but if you find anything else out please let me know. As will I.