OG mode - same limits of sp1200

Was thinking it would be cool to have a mode that would limit you to 10/20 seconds of sample time per project and 2.5 seconds max on any individual sample. Forcing you to work within the constraints of the SP1200 emu and rossum versions if you wanted to.

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Not happening.

You can make the conditions yourself by creating a smaller partition on your SD Card and use only what you can fit in there.

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You can at least limit yourself to 2.5 seconds of sample time (or less) per sample when you’re in sample mode if you like. But yeah the 10-20 seconds of max sampling time thing has been a feature request a couple times now and Brad said he’s not interested in that.

It’s definitely something you can keep track of on your own though with a notepad and a little self restraint.

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Fair enough

Don’t even need a notepad. The total sample time is shown on the Settings menu. Just for you :slight_smile:


I enjoy the normal mode but as an SP1200 owner i certainly would love to have a mode like that.

10 seconds max
4x2,5 seconds in 4 parts

So after sampling 4 chops with each 2 seconds you have 2 seconds total left, but can only sample 0,5 seconds bc of the “chips” (which obviously not exist in the isla) :slight_smile:

Why stop at 10 seconds? Fuck it, make it 1 second and call it GOD mode because if you can make a track that bangs with those limitations, you best believe you deserve that title :smile:


Just a mono pad/sample option to free up some extra pads instead of stereo hogging. As an MPC user of 25 years Live Loops is wasted on me

That’s a hot take. I use live loops in every project. It was one of the reasons I bought this thing in the first place.

Wasted on me, not everyone.

Same here I haven’t touched the live loops once, it’s just not something I use. I get why others like it ofc.

And yes PLEASE actual mono and actual 12 bit files, it would add so much more sample time per 2mb. I swear If it’s having to live resample to 16 bit that’s a workload on the machine too no? No idea how that works ofc, so just assuming there.

Also to the point of the OP, every track tells you how exactly how long the file is and the filesize, just have a bit of self restraint and this is already super doable tbh.

However would be nice to just “engage” the og 12 bit mode for everything with a button. I have made some templates but would still be much appreciated…