10 second mode

You should include a “10 sec mode” as a tip of the hat to the OG.

The 10 second restriction is just as much part of the OG sound as the aliasing.

I know you can just limit yourself but if might be an easy thing to include.


2.5 seconds at a time!

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Hell yes!

I find this request really weird…

I don’t want to get into a keyboard fight but seriously…what is stopping you from just recording for 10 seconds if you love the 10 second sampling time so much?

I dunno…this just seems beyond unnecessary to include into the machine


I get your point but a “OG” mode would be fun as well. I imagine you press a button on startup and you are locked within the limitations (sampling time, sample rate, pitch range etc). Limitation is good for creativity!


Oh it has limitations. Brad showed the max sampling time. At 26K mono, you are limited to a paltry 21 minutes and 30 seconds.


I guess if you don’t understand it I cant explain it.

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That was a joke. Of course we understand the concept. And the lure of recreating the original in as many aspects as possible. The discussion is more about is more about whether or not it is necessary, or a priority for a very small development team.

I think it’s an intriguing concept but am also on the side of it not being worth the development and coding effort. In the end it would be a feature you would choose to use. As said above you can also just choose to limit your sample time without needing any effort outside of yourself. I’d much rather see features implemented that we can’t just choose to make happen like effects, etc.


I agree wholeheartedly with this statement

Working on the 1200 you quickly find out that whatever sample time you have left is not “contiguous”. You could have 6 seconds left but at max you can only get 2.5 per sample and depending on how you sampled you may not get a full 2.5. It’s always an interesting challenge.


I agree with JDFlow. While I understand the appeal of this feature request, it is a feature which would have to be designed, developed, tested, and deployed. That takes time and money. It also takes development resources away from other features being developed. Is a 10 second sampling limitation the most important feature to add? More important than anything else you can think of? And don’t forget that adding this feature increases the risk of introducing additional bugs. When adding new functionality, developers need to evaluate these ideas to determine which ones offer the most bang for the buck, which ones are the easiest to implement (low hanging fruit), which ones are essential, which ones are simply nice to have, and which ones cannot be addressed by existing workarounds. In the case of a 10 second sampling limit, there is already an existing workaround known as “self control”.

I mean call me crazy if you wanna fly 3 feet off the ground when you can fly 50 feet off the ground be my guest. Most people actually really can do a lot in 10 seconds, a lot of samples are just a hit. And by all means you should work within that frame work if you want to. But to artificially create the barrier seems like an unnecessary use of the devs time.

This request reminds me an awful lot of good old “Danger Wanks”

I really don’t care if it is added or not. I don’t know why the Atari 2600 had the ability to select a difficulty level with a slider switch on the rear. All my samplers are maxed out including the 1200 with its stupid but magical sounding limitations. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ At any rate I’m anxiously awaiting the 2400. I got on board a little later but still caught the price break deadline. Enjoy making music however you do it.

It’s a no from me, dawg.
Case closed.
Sorry <3