No Output From Mix Out [IN PROGRESS]

It’s been happening a lot lately where I turn on my S2400 and there is absolutely no output from the Mix Outs on the back.
I confirm audio comes out from the HP jack. I confirm the cables going to the mixer are good and hot with other equipment. I’ve tried both balanced and unbalanced cables when it’s in this state and neither work.
If I crank up my preamp to 70+dB, I can barely hear the output, but I assume that’s some weird coupling to the cables or something since its right around the noise floor.
It doesn’t consistently happen, which is even weirder. I haven’t found a rhyme or reason yet.

Any recommendations for things to triple check? No bad answers, and yes, the mix out knob is turned up.

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It’s got to be something stupid I am doing…

This is happening to me too… from time to time. If I remember correctly, going to the pad settings (shift+pad) and changing the gain and restoring it to the previous value helps.

Can we have this thread moved to the bugs section of this forum?

I am also experiencing an issue where the previously selected sampling input would stop working. Cycling through the inputs seems to re-initialize it

Oddly enough, I tried mucking around with the gain and changing outputs and all that and still no luck.
My unit just doesn’t output audio at the moment; only through the headphones. I can’t figure out how to restore it.

Not really blocking any projects since I can record via USB, but my SSL Big Six just came in and I’d love to run it through it.

I found a thread from last year that I should’ve looked for before posting.
It recommended reinstalling the firmware and/or reformatting the SD card.
I reinstalled the FW and still had no audio.
I reformatted the SD card and restarted the unit and now it outputs audio again.

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I figured it out. The S2400.SET file seems to have gotten corrupted somehow, which explains why reformatting the SD card fixes it.

After reformatting the card, I put the old S2400.SET file on and no output.
Then I deleted it and let the S2400 make a new one and they look pretty different.

Here’s the contents of the old one that broke the audio output:


RITcJLMcHA>?cP@DcEWcX+e2"1çB !"#%:'$&()ˇ*4K5G7Fˇ89:89R89?89R89889K89*8a9+	89+8	9-	8
9.89/	890	8
91	892	893	894	895	896	897	898	899	89:	89;	89<	89=	89>	8e9?	89@	89A	89B	89C	#0://PROJECTS/Cadillac/Cadillac.S24e0://KITS/Funk 1/Funk 1.KIT;e0:/Orens_Originals/clinton

Nice! Good thread for the mental archives in case this happens to me.

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I agree, I’ll try this out next time I have this issue. It could be some dangling setting item from the old software load but that’s pure speculation.

I am hoping that more people would want to report bugs. It’s a rarity that devs are so ad-hoc and we should really take advantage of this situation since we will be the ones benefiting from this in the end. I get that it is cumbersome but man is it helpful… I have a bug that I want to report but I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around it… Wait a second! I think re-creating the settings file might actually help with that issue, too… interesting

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