Strange behavior - audio through s2400 when off

Hi all, I noticed something yesterday and wondered if this is normal behavior or if not what could be causing it:

I have the main outputs of my mixer going into inputs 1 and 2 on the s2400, and the mix outputs of the s2400 going to stereo channels 5/6 on my mixer. When I have the s2400 off I noticed that when the mixer output was loud enough, the sound would also start going through the s2400 and the level meter on my mixer 5/6 channels would light up with a lower level signal. When I power on the s2400 the signal stops passing through (I have input monitoring off of course).

Same on everyones? I was hoping I could just leave the s2400 always wired up and not have to think about it, but with this happening I have to unplug it from my patch bay or mute the mixer channels it is on when Iā€™m not using it.

Yeah I think it was reported before. Probably due to the hardware design.

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Yes, Not a big deal. I just mute the channel when its not in use.

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Good to know, thanks you all.

yep - gets me quite often still after 1 year of owning it :rofl: - i have a send perma wired to it for sampling anything that hits the computer or mixer and sometimes when i am listening to the computer i am getting chorus and man it can get annoying looking wtf is happening

then i remember - mute 2400 on mixer when not using