New order - the expected time frame

Dear all,

I’m getting more and more interested by the 2400. I was wondering if there is a way to know waiting time if I order it now?
Is there a booking system ? even by putting 20% of the full price before delivery it would be a nice approach to engage potential customers like me -:wink:

Thank you !

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4 mths i think brad said

although this 3rd larger batch will be way faster than the others due to changes in production, so the time may actually come down

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One thing you can do is purchase via affirm if you don’t want to put the entire amount down now. I did that with my unit and paid it off entirely about 4 months later.

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Thank you both for suggestions and information.

I’m almost fully convinced this instrument meets my needs and requirements, I’m evaluating the right time to put the trigger (taking in consideration some enhancements on the soft and hardware sides to come).

Checking this nice forum for 1 aspect which is very important for me: timing /sync / midi jitter (I know it’s a big debate and I was even censored on GS by asking this question :scream::sweat_smile:)

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yeah just keep watching it evolve, the next factory batch should be interesting to see all things considered

on the midi jitter, i think you were told not to ask again in a joking fashion , hardly censored :rofl:

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I’m not feeling very magnanimous towards GS myself at the moment either. I think now is as good a time as any to buy. Hardware upgrades won’t be available for a while and the 4th batch is what will have these changes which may include a change in price. Those of us who have originals have the ability to cross grade pretty much at cost.

As J.M. noted the 3rd batch is far larger than the 1st/2nd batches and should go out the door faster. If you want to wait to buy in so that it appears your machine comes more quickly from the time you pay until it’s in hand that makes sense. However it’s not going to really come any sooner than if you were to buy it today. And within the next few months I expect the sequencer to have matured and other feature requests to be implemented.


yeah it seems a great time to buy in all honesty

waiting isn’t always a bad thing either though - you get to see it really come to life, of course there is likely to be price changes to consider with these new parts being added…

1st world problems eh.

we think we have it tough sometimes, man we really don’t when we can talk crap about gear

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Yes you’re right, censored was certainly too strong (English is not my native language) , I’ve read the GS 2400 thread regarding the timing topic and there were some interesting debates about it…

Thank you for sharing your point of views regarding my initial question in a super friendly manner :+1:t4:

no sweat mate i hoped you took it the right way

i like to try and keep it light if we can, this place is nice to be where GS can be a disaster we all know.

as for the timing, we have lots of guys here who have OG and also this, nobody seems to have an issue so far - i think that tells us who dont have one yet all we need to know

mine is ready i dont know when, i ordered last summer so i expect the next month or so with luck

these next shipments as abaove will be way faster and the 4th? shipment will be factory completed with the cool new stuff - the price surely will go up as its extra functionality, if i were on the fence and i was nt sure about the need for the extras i would get it now, then the choice is yours - if you wait, the option not to have the extra stuff is removed…

What are these hardware upgrades by the way? Modifications about the filters and the outputs?

The new boards will have 8x sweepable analogue filters leaving the daughter card slot available for other options. Also outputs will be electronically balanced. This is a ways off and hasn’t been designed yet. The cross grade (swappable board with no soldering required) will actually be less than if we’d bought an 8 analog filter daughter card expansion that was originally being discussed.

And of course this still allows you to keep your unit OG if you hadn’t planned on going that route anyway.


Thanks. I m fine with the original filters but if this new board can have hot output levels and more flexibility (mix out not being disconnected when using separate outputs and filters being audible in the headphones output and the mix out) I may upgrade. Glad to know that there are new possibilities about the daughter card. The s2400 is really an exciting project :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Just ordered my SP-2400 and am excited for the base unit and obviously any filter and balanced output upgrades! Hopefully both of these options will be readily available once mine is fresh from the factory. I’m anticipating that this will be around June this year, fingers crossed.

Hello ! Do we know approximately by when upgrades will be included from factory?
Thank you

Your guess is as good as mine.
Apparently they aren’t even designed yet so I would guess sometime in summer.
Hopefully sooner.

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Replying to myself as someone posted a very useful and documented assessment on midi timing on Gearspace

By the way I’ve ordered it last week :grin: