Missing notes when appending patterns [IN PROGRESS]

I had this issue a couple of months ago. This was supposed to be fixed with the latest update, but I’m still having the problem.

I made a short pattern for an intro. Then I have a longer pattern for verse. If I append the verse pattern to the intro (and select more than 1 copy) then the pattern will have missing notes at some point. I tried to bounce the long pattern anyway just in case and you can see the missing notes.

Note: It doesn’t happen all the time so I guess it’s a random issue.

A few questions:
Are the notes missing in the Pattern itself, or only in the Bounce?
How exactly are you appending one pattern to another?

Can you share the project? Preferably with the corrupt merged pattern.

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Notes are missing in the pattern itself when playing it. I just bounced anyway to test. At first I thought the issue was related to choke groups, but after the missing notes the rest of the pattern plays/repeat correctly.

To avoid using the song mode, I join different patterns together into one long pattern like when I used to do with old school drum machines.

  • I make a short pattern for the intro
  • Then make chorus/verse patterns
  • Append chorus and verse and multiply those as needed
  • Then append that long pattern to the intro

I will try song mode again, used it a long time ago but found it a bit awkward. Maybe the workflow was updated? Gotta check the new manual. I think I got rid of that project. Will have to verify.

***I had another issue the other day that when I re-opened a project, the kick drum was “muted”. I went to Step Edit and the notes were there but no sound for those notes. I checked level, envelope and choke settings, etc until I fixed it but don’t remember exactly how at the moment. But if it happens again I will note how I fixed it.

Did you check the pattern in Step Program to see if the note triggers were still there?

And how exactly are you appending one pattern to another? Via copy/paste?

Btw, song mode has the ability bounce to a new pattern - so you could just put your intro, verse, chorus into a song, then bounce it if you prefer working with long patterns.