Hola everyone! is there a possible way to freeze a midi track and convert it to audio in the s2400.

Or midi to live loop functionality would be nice!


Are you asking if it is possible to save a pattern consisting of sample tracks to a WAV file? I hope that’s what you meant, because we are working on that feature.

Hi Mickey thank you for you reply.
I would like to record a midi track and convert that audio input signal to .wav

S2400 midi sequencer, audio signal going I to s2400 input and live loop record or bounce midi to audio.


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So, run a pattern on the S2400 that contains MIDI tracks (banks E-H) into an external synthesizer, and patch the synthesizer’s audio output back into the S2400, and record that audio as a Live Loop?
Yes, you can do that.

Perfect! That will work.

Thank you!