MIDI CC for loop reps not working? [FIXED 452]

Installed the new update this morning (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful) and was playing around with remote control over various parameters.

I set up a simple controller for Track 1 to send a Note on message and then other controls to adjust slice start/end (CC 16/17), loop start (CC 18), loop time (CC 20), and loop reps (CC 21).

Everything pretty much works except for Loop reps. Loop reps seems to just turn looping on or off (on the S2400 screen I see the time drop to 00.002 or looping goes away). I expected the Loop Count to change instead.

Is this working as desired and a document tweak to what it is doing is needed or is it a bug?

While I’m here - it would be cool to have external control (MIDI CC) over pitch as well as the current sample/loop and filter stuff.

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Yep, confirmed here. Thanks for reporting. Will get this flagged and I’m sure a fix will be forthcoming.

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Are you sure that this is a bug? I think it is an documentation issue instead.

Loop time and loop reps cannot be set independent in the machine itself. It is the same thing, expressed in different units.

My guess is that the intention is that the loop is turned on/off when sending CC 21.

And when that’s the case, then the bug is different one. The CC 20 should not only change the values of the ‘time’ but also the ‘reps’, since they should be connected… @Mickey ?

You’re right that Reps/Time are linked. They’re just two ways of showing the same thing. So I would expect the Reps CC to change both, but it’s doing something entirely different. It’s possible the MIDI Implementation document has the wrong label though.

Hold up, with this controller are you able to modulate slice start/end (CC 16/17), loop start (CC 18), loop time in real time?

yes. Here’s a quick video. No idea what happened to the autofocus, but you get the idea.
The Electra One is modifying the slice start and end and the loop start. I also have a button to retrigger the sound.

s2400 and MIDI

If the sample/slice start and end are the same value or cross, the sample stops playing. I started to add some code to the controller to automatically move out the start/end if the other parameter got close, but I still need to tweak that some since it sometimes lags a bit and shuts it off anyway.

Nice vid. Little clicky though. Does it get better when applying a little attack and release to level?

Yeah - that was literally a “5 minute, power up record something, done” kind of thing to show it’s possible.
I was using the classic envelope setting to allow infinite repeats. No edits of the raw sample, etc.

The benefit of it all is the ability to record and play back the CC changes to the sample. It gives you another avenue for creative manipulation of the source that is repeatable.

It was not meant to be an exhaustive example of an ideal case - just a “hey, try this for some additional fun” kind of thing.

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This is incredible. Its exactly what Ive been hoping was possible.

I have no idea how you did this. Do you uave any resources i could look at to learn this? And what is that device youre doing this with?

I have read the midi implementation chart and the midi mapping section of the manual but something is not clicking.

All the key pieces of info are in the Isla S2400 manual near the end and in their MIDI Implementation Guide document.

What you need is any device capable of sending MIDI CC information. I’m using an Electra One controller mainly because I have been using it to provide remote control over other gear I have here. You could use pretty much anything - an old Novation Remote Zero SL, the Behr. BCR/BCF controllers, a Peavey PC-1600, any of the modern control surfaces really.

If you set up a sound on a pad with classic envelope, turn on looping, and go into the waveform screen you should see it saying Loop forever. Hit the pad and it should start going. What the external box+MIDI CC does is simply adjust those vertical bars you see for slice start/end and loop start. In fact, if you have the screen up and move the remote control, you should see the line positions change on screen.

Even if you’re just working with a DAW and have no external control surface, you can set up a track/lane that sends MIDI CC data and draw in a curve just to test the approach. MIDI CCs 16 (Slice start), 17 (slice end), and 18 (loop start) are the ones you need at first.
In a DAW I’d do something simple like draw a simple 0 → 120 → 0 shape for CC 16 and play that while the note is triggering/looping.

There’s some details like setting the MIDI channel number to match the channel on the S2400 for the track you want. I don’t have the S2400 and docs in front of me, but there’s a lot of folks here that have done a lot with MIDI and I’m sure if you have setup questions they can help with that as well.


I seems to still have to same implementation. CC20 and CC21 do similar, but not the same, things.
Is this how it is supposed to work? What is the exact difference between 20 and 21?

I still would prefer CC21 to turn the loop on/off.

CC 20 is loop time in seconds, i.e. how long should it loop.
CC 21 is loop reps (repetitions), i.e. how many times should the loop repeat.

And a value of zero for either one will turn looping off.

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