Loop point modulation

Would it be possible to include some loop point modulation akin to Ensoniq EPS and ASR10? I know nothing about what this requires from a programming standpoint but would be really fun to have.


this has been my greatest hope since it came out. Would open the door to granular synthesis.

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The Studio Snippets Youtube channel has a video showing the S2400’s sample start and end position being manipulated by a Circlon sequencer using MIDI CC 16/17 and it sounds great. It’s not loop start/end but it’s close.

I’m attempting to do this right now but with Reason Studio and Ableton Live instead.


Did you ever find out anything else about this? I tried assigning midi cc values 16,17 to the roller/looper pad and snare 2 pad on my Arturia drunbrute, set both machines to the same midi channel, mmc is on on the 2400, midi din set to accept cc’s etc… but not getting any manipulation to the sample when i hit said pads on the DB