MIDI Bank F pad 2 defaults to all pad settings off [BY DESIGN]

Another one that I’ve had since March. I cannot reproduce it but decided to report it any way. Due to it being an annoyance.


MIDI Bank F pad 2 defaults to off.

MIDI map file that gets saved with a new blank project:
MIDItracks.map (7.5 KB)


  • Pressing the pad in menu lights up the LED with white color. It turns off (completely) when the pad is released.
  • Pad settings are showing that this pad has color: red assigned to it.
  • In the pad settings, pressing the pad and changing pad mode to pitched and exiting pad settings lights up the pad with proper color (slightly dimmed) when the pad is at rest. This is expected behavior.
  • The pad defaults to off after reboot again with LED off at rest and white when the pad is depressed. As described above. The setting does not persist.
  • Same is observed when booting without SD Card.
  • Setting MIDI banks to 1 or 0 (and thus truncating bank F), rebooting the unit and setting the MIDI Banks to 2 or more results in bank F pad 2 with the same issue.
  • In pad settings for Pad F2, Pad mode, Fader, Top Knob and Bottom Knob are Off
  • LED colors assigned to this bank are somehow offset by one item in the color list and are starting from violet (pad F1), red (pad F2), orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue to purple (pad F8). Which is different from default colors assigned to bank E. See photo for clarification:


I don’t really remember how I got the issue the first time because the unit had to be restarted in order to notice. Even if I were to boot without the SD Card, pad F2 wouldn’t light up for me and will be off.

I know this is a useless bug report but the bug is indeed there. It looks as if the default pad settings got initialized incorrectly or they got broken/overwritten for this specific pad at some point in time (which is pure speculation!). I am hoping that this post will at least start a discussion and potentially lead us to more tangible results.


February 24, 2022, release


I have noticed the differences between the 4 midi banks (pad lights) too. If I remember correctly, it was introduced when a setting for turning on/off the midi banks was introduced.

I have not used bank F or higher, so I did not stumble upon this bug.

This bug is also present in all of the pads of banks G and H.

MIDI Bank F2 is blank in the default MIDI map by design. Banks E and F MIDI tracks are assigned to MIDI Channels 1-16 by default. MIDI Channel 10 (Track F2) is avoided because that’s the default channel for the Sample Tracks. So it’s disabled to avoid any MIDI clashes. You can of course change this, which I’m assuming you’ve done.