UI breaking when clearing track parms of MIDI Bank [FIXED]

Another one found while writing previous report.


Clear Track Parms or Clear This Bank in pad settings in a MIDI Bank breaks UI.


The Enter button lights up and the unit becomes unresponsive. The pad settings window is changed to pad settings of pad 1 on a current midi bank. Pressing enter makes it possible to resume operation. See picture for clarification (pad 8 was the one being cleared):

Steps to reproduce

  1. Turn on S2400
  2. Go to any of MIDI banks (Tested on banks E, F)
  3. Press Shift+Pad7 to go to pad settings for pad 7
  4. Navigate to Clear Track Parms and press Enter
  5. Observe the issue demonstrated on the photo above

Expected Behavior

If Enter needs to be pressed to continue, I would expect there to be a prompt saying that track/bank parms have been cleared with a large OK! at the bottom hinting the user that the button needs to be pressed. This is exactly how it can be found in other places all around the unit.

I would also expect the current pad settings pad to remain the same instead of the page being changed to pad settings of pad1.


February 24, 2022, release


There seems to be a connection between this bug and this.

When you execute step 4 of the OP scenario, the first and second pad (of the bank you are in) get crippled the same way as in here.

This is a dangerous assumption which may mislead the development team. It’s not up to us to decide the relevance. Someone decided that my issue was related to some other issue that was fixed so my ticket got closed too which I had to reopen again.

What you are referring to has never happened to me. All pads work for me all right and their pad settings restore on reboot. (Except for the already broken settings for a pad in the issue that you are referring to).

If you can repro that issue, can you please write how to do it in that topic? I cannot, for the life of me, figure it out. It would really help!

Since it was no assumption, I let this one slide. I wrote:

But since you asked for a step by step use case to reproduce, here it is:

  • Turn on the 2400
  • Choose New Project
  • Name the project to save it
  • Goto bank F
  • Open the settings of F7 (Shift-pad7)
  • Scroll to “Clear track params”
  • Click Enter
    So far this is exactly what I think you did in your usecase, isn’t it?
    Now continue the usecase:
  • Click Enter again
  • Click Enter again
  • Click exit
  • Click exit
  • Now pad 1 (F1) is not lit anymore, just like F2 (and G1 to H8)

If you still have problems reproducing this, maybe you need to activate all midi banks, like I did.

And you are right, the bug is not related, since a reboot resets everything (even when the project is saved). It is a consequence of the confusing state the machine gets in. The UI is not redrawn, while in the background the standard behaviour of the buttons continue to activate functionality. So this will never be a problem once the bug you mentioned will be fixed.

(If you follow the same on E7, you’ll notice what really happens in my use case)

Okay, thanks.

My steps are outlined in the original post. I am not creating/saving a new blank project.

Could you explain why we need to press enter twice and exit twice? I only need to press it once for the unit to become responsive again. After that the UI changes the pad settings page to the first pad on the current bank. It’s also visible on the screenshot that I attached. So by pressing enter again, since you are in pad settings for pad 1, you are clearing params for that pad too! Hence you have two tracks that are cleared!

In my case, it only appears to clear params for a specified track. I enabled all of MIDI banks too. Pads on banks G and H are off for me by default, so they don’t have any color assigned to them.

Ofcourse you don’t need to that. But multiple enter-presses was my reaction to a screen that appeared to be locked/crashed.

Double exit to see what happened to F1.

Bug confirmed. Thanks for reporting :+1: