Menu items with spoken labels for the visual impaired

This is not as much a feature request, but more a question to the firmware dev. team on how the status is of the plans to make spoken labels on menu items for the blind users. No pressure, just a question. Its a feature Brad has mentioned during an interview on a podcast.

It goes without saying, that the BIG corps have done absolute zero to come up with solutions for the visual impaired producers (and there are a lot of those!). This, while the technogy has been there for over a decade!

So I was pleased to hear that there is a possibility that this will be implemented in the S2400.

My questions:
Does anyone here know if this feature is still in development?
If it is too time consuming/expensive, perhaps we can crowdfund this addition to the firmware?
Would anyone interested in discussing this matter be interested to make a discussion here?

Thoughts on this, anyone?
Devs? I really hope the S2400 will have some assistive functionality.
No pressure! I know bugfixes and the new huge firmware update go first, but just hoping this feature will become a reality :slight_smile: Worlds first sampler with build in assistance for the visually impaired.

I would guess that this probably won’t be worked on until the firmware is more or less completely nailed down, If they’re still thinking about doing it. As you mentioned, the next big update is supposed to be coming pretty soon. At that point Brad has said they are going to be refocusing on Kordbot firmware, and after that they will prioritize the add-on effects board for the s2400. So unless they are going to surprise us with it in the next firmware update, (which I doubt) it will probably be around a year or so before they consider working on something like that. Who knows though? I would think that they would hand that dev over to someone with experience implementing a system like that, so maybe that could be worked on in parallel with other things. Just my guess based on nothing but speculation. I’ve got nothing better to do than speculate while I wait for my machine!!! :rofl:

It would be really neat though!

Hang in there! I waited over 15 months. Recieved my S2400 in May. Extremely pretty machine also the feel! Im sure you will get it soon. :slight_smile:

I guess youre right, first completely nail down the S2400 fw and solidify Kordbot. A lot of users gonna love that.

Your speculation might be right, and Id like to speculate with you. Brad mentioned in a podcast some devs were working on the speech support.

Parallel development by an external experienced person in that manner wouldnt go at the cost of the S2400/Kordbot firmware.

Wouldnt it be very exciting to, for the first time in history, have a special sampler like this, that enables the overlooked visualy impaired producers? Its a niche, but a significant meaningful niche.

Hmm, it speaks for the company, there re-focussing on Kordbot.

I guess one can do only so much, even when passionate.

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